Fable 3 Rare Books Locations Guide: How to Get all Rare Books for Xbox 360

Fable 3 has just released. Most fans of Fable 3want to get all things, such as gold key and rare books. How to get all rare books in Fable 3? The following rare books location guide will help you find and get some of the rare books in Fable 3.

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Complete Rare Books Location Guide in Fable 3

How to Upgrade Weapons in Fable 3
What kind of weapons should we use to upgrade strength in Fable 3? How to upgrade weapons in Fable 3? This article would provide you with useful and effective ways to choose weapons and upgrade weapons.

How to Easily Open Mistpeak Valley Demon Door in Fable 3

How to open Mistpeak Valley Demon Door in Fable 3? This article will show you how to open Mistpeak Valley Demon Door more easily. As we know the Mistpeak Valley Demon Door can be found in the snowy mountain area near the lake.

Way1: Open Mistpeak Valley Demon door

To open Mistpeak Valley demon door, it wants acts of love and kindness. The easiest way to do this is to either bring a coop partner, or use a second controller profile, and propose and marry the person in front of the demon door. You’ll need the Family and Lover Expression Pack from the Road to Rule to do that though.

Way2: Open Mistpeak Valley Demon door

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You can go through all of the positive expressions to your partner in front of the door to make it open. Obviously this method is the much easier option.

Way3: Open Mistpeak Valley Demon door

To get into Mistpeak Valley Demon, you must have a cooperative second player with you through an online game. In Mistpeak Valley, you need to go uphill from the lake towards the snowy area that has bridges crossing the valley. If you follow the path under the first bridge that leads into the valley, you’ll find it ends at the Demon Door.

Don’t forget to have your coop partner with you because this Demon Door wants to see you two hug, kiss and maybe even propose so you will BOTH need to have acquired the Lover Expression pack from the Road To Rule. Hold the required expressions until your controller vibrates (so turn on vibration if you haven’t already!); if this doesn’t happen, then you need to do the honourable thing and propose.

Way4: Open Mistpeak Valley Demon door

Get married and the door will open to you, revealing the “Demon Door Retirement Home” which has lots of Demon Doors with things to talk about and a chest with a Legendary weapon inside it. Bad news for the cooperative player though – only the Host will get this item.

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